Specialist Coatings

Specialist Coatings

Specialist Impregnations and coating systems can be used to protect a structures and assets from damage and deterioration as well as offering waterproofing properties to enhance an assets performance. Types and application techniques vary, depending upon the specific application. Protec coatings are able to work with clients to determine the correct coating for the required end result.

We offer the following coating solutions:

  • Fast set Pure Polyurea systems
  • Anti-carbonation coatings
  • MMA based coatings systems
  • Epoxy Coating Systems
  • MCI’s (Migratory corrosion inhibitors)


Protec Coatings Limited are approved by Prokol Polymers and Sika for the application of fast set pure polyurea coatings systems which can be utilised in numerous infrastructure asset protection schemes including structural waterproofing, bridge deck waterproofing, roof overlay systems to name but a few.

Protec are also experienced and approved by numerous material manufacturers of anti-carbonation and anti-graffitti coatings, liquid applied membranes, silane impregnation and its alternatives.


Careful selection and professional application can result in dramatic improvements to the underlying structure or asset, with modern techniques allowing fast application and quick curing times that minimise disruption.